Taking the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and blending them with other natural oils, butters and waxes to bring the health and wellness benefits of Lavender and Rosemary directly into your home.
About us

Aromatherapy oils have been used for thousands of years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood.  Our aim at CL&RE is to combine lavender and rosemary with a selection of other essential oils so that you can use your preferred mood enhancement aim and your personal aroma preference to select which aroma you would like in each product.

Each of the handmade collections has been carefully selected for its wellness benefits, taking the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and blending them with other natural oils, butters and waxes.

Our ethos

CL&RE Wellness is a range of handmade candles and skincare products that are formulated to keep the quantity of ingredients to a minimum, using only natural oils, butters and waxes.

Recycling to reduce waste is really important to us.  We ask our customers to keep their empty and used CL&RE jars and tins, and contact us for refill information and pricing.  Our products are 100% natural and organic, and all products and packaging are plastic free.

​Our principle is to use only recycled plastic free packaging, making new boxes and packing materials out of old.  In June 2020 we pledged to do all our local deliveries by pedal power where possible, to reduce emissions and do our bit to reduce the number of short local journeys done in cars.

100% essential oils

The Essential Oils we use are 100% pure, plant based and vegan.  They have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives.  They therefore have aromatherapy health benefits that synthetic fragrance oils do not provide.  Essential oils have many uses in aromatherapy to help ease muscle pain, skin problems, and other bodily afflictions.  This means you are not only getting a fresh, sweet, aroma, but also the direct health benefits that can be derived from plants.

Customer stories

CL&RE candle is quite possibly the best candle I've ever used. It creates such a calming, relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. It's the first candle I've had (and I've gone through a fair few) where it burns evenly without going black and it burns consistently (doesn't leave a dip with the edges going to waste).

Whipped body butter to help with eczema:  Tracie, one of my first body butter customers, left a jar of my body butter in the bathroom.  Her son, who suffers from eczema, picked it up to put on his affected hands and within days of using the butter his skin irritation had subsided and the appearance of his skin was the best that it had been in the past 18 years!  Since then, several other customers have experienced the same relief from eczema and other dry skin conditions through using my body butter regularly.