Luxury bath melts (set of 10)

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If you suffer from dry skin, one of the easiest remedies is to pop a bath melt in your bath or, if you don’t have time, grab a melt and use it in the shower by rubbing it over your skin.  The simple blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil leaves your skins softened, nourished and deeply moisturised.

By adding your choice of essential oils from the CL&RE range, you will boost your mood at the same time as taking care of your skin with natural butters and oils.

Top tip – store your melts in one of your empty, used CL&RE jars for that elegant / vintage look in the bathroom.  In hot weather we recommend storing your melts in the fridge to avoid melting melts!


Aromatherapy oils have been used for thousands of years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood.  Our aim at CL&RE is to combine lavender and rosemary with a selection of other essential oils so that you can use your preferred mood enhancement aim and your personal aroma preference to select which aroma you would like in each product.

Each of the handmade collections has been carefully selected for its wellness benefits, taking the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and blending them with other natural oils, butters and waxes.

100% essential oils

The Essential Oils we use are 100% pure, plant based and vegan.  They have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives.  They therefore have aromatherapy health benefits that synthetic fragrance oils do not provide.  Essential oils have many uses in aromatherapy to help ease muscle pain, skin problems, and other bodily afflictions.  This means you are not only getting a fresh, sweet, aroma, but also the direct health benefits that can be derived from plants.